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You might be thinking now would be a good time to schedule the yearly A/C Maintenance. There are actually several schools of thought on when is best to do this maintenance.

Some say spring is optimal, while others say winter as it ensures that any problems that might crop up will be addressed before an actual emergency happens. You can maintain your system in either of these times. And as long as you do it regularly or annually, then that’s fine.

Homes that are bigger than 2,500 square feet should have a three-phase power supply that distributes the current through three conductors instead of one conductor used in homes less than 2,500 square feet. This is because if the home were to use single-phase power supply, there would be excessive heat during summer and insufficient heat during winter!

So before buying an HVAC, check out the types of power supplies available in your area.

Insulation should be taken up immediately after the onset of winters. The right home insulation can not only help you beat the winter blues but also help you save on power bills by consuming less electricity and gas. Insulation helps keep the heated air indoors while preventing the outside cold air from seeping in.