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When your furnace acts up, it means it encounters problems that need your attention. The equipment could either need a repair or replacement. All Comfort Specialist Heating & Air provides top-notch furnace services in Del City, OK and the nearby areas.

We’ll investigate the problem and suggest the best solutions to restore your comfort. If your system needs a repair, we will find the root cause of the issue and fix it. We don’t recommend solutions you don’t need at the moment.

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When to Replace Your Furnace

Installing a new furnace unit is undoubtedly expensive, and it’s hard to decide when to replace the existing one. Remember, not all furnaces are the same, so their replacement time will vary.

Here are the warning signs that your furnace already needs a replacement… so keep reading.

Your Furnace Reached its Retirement Age

All furnaces are designed to last at a certain age—just like all comfort equipment you own at home. If yours have been serving you for so many years and showing some signs of frequent failure or making your bills dramatically high, then it’s time to let it go.

All the repair and utility costs will accumulate in the future, so making an early upgrade could save you more money in the long run.

You Receive Higher Bills

It’s never good news when your heating bills get higher every month. Unfortunately, this could happen if your furnace lacks maintenance or it’s inching closer to its expected service life. If it’s not the clogged ductwork or dirty filter that causes the high bills, then it’s definitely the unit itself. Replacing it with a new energy-efficient system can make a difference in your monthly heating costs.

Repairs Become Frequent and Costly

Your furnace needs some upkeep and repairs to keep its best performance. But the frequent and costly repairs aren’t ideal at all. If your unit needs regular repairs despite being well-maintained, then there’s something wrong with it.

Talk to your HVAC contractor for quality furnace service in Del City, OK. They can help you understand why this problem happens and recommend you the best solutions.

System Efficiency Declines

Are you having trouble with high heating costs last year? The same problem might bother you this year when you let your furnace work in poor condition.

Furnaces that work with malfunctioning parts, lack proper maintenance, or operate on their last leg tend to exert extra effort to meet your heating demands. As a result, high energy is consumed, which reflects in your monthly bills. Schedule a furnace service in Del City, OK to solve your issues.

Your Home Becomes Less Comfortable

Are you experiencing a temperature imbalance throughout your home? Maybe your furnace can no longer do its job properly. Your unit can lose its ability to distribute an equal amount of warm air throughout your home when it is near the retirement stage. Therefore, you better replace it earlier before the extremely cold season arrives.  

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