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If your home’s furnace suddenly stops working, you have more serious problems than bundling up for more winter clothes.

Every minute that your furnace is off, your pipes are slowly freezing that could burst and cause expensive water damage to your home.

When you call All Comfort Specialist Heating & Air, we’ll promptly visit your home so we can assess your needs and work on the right solutions.

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Furnace Repairs

A furnace will keep your home warm and comfortable if all its moving parts are efficiently working together.

If just one of these parts are malfunctioning, they can cause other parts to also fail or even trigger a whole system failure.

Common furnace problems that require immediate repair includes:

  • Blower not turning off
  • Not enough airflow from the blower
  • Odd sounds and odors
  • Malfunctioning thermostats
  • Problems in pilot light ignition
  • Dirty furnace filters

Furnace Maintenance

With proper care, your furnace can keep you warm for years without any major issue.

With neglect, your furnace will require repairs that can be costly and troublesome.

Our local furnace specialists are on standby to provide preventive furnace maintenance that fit all needs and budget.

New Furnace Installation

In some cases, the cost of repairing a malfunctioning furnace is higher than the cost of getting a new one.

Our furnace technicians may even strongly suggest a replacement if they see that your old furnace is now a safety hazard.

A new furnace installation may even save you significant amounts of money on energy bills, and of course you’ll get a nice blow of fresh, warm air.

At All Comfort Specialist Heating & Air, we provide professional and prompt furnace services in Central Oklahoma and surrounding areas.


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