Fast and Dependable Heating Maintenance in Central Oklahoma

Reliable Heating Maintenance in Central Oklahoma

As our name suggests, All Comfort Specialist Heating & Air is committed in bringing comfort to homes in OK.

Our teams of highly skilled and certified HVAC technicians are qualified to perform preventive maintenance and unit tune ups for all makes and models of heaters.

Do I Really Need Heating Maintenance?

Yes, because if you skip this important part, you may expect these problems:

  • No Heat Coming From the Unit. Your heater can’t provide enough heating if it has issues with pilot light, gas, thermostat setting, or power.
  • Annoying Sounds. How are you supposed to sleep at night if your heater is rattling, squealing, or rumbling?
  • Heat Exchanger Cracks. Overheating or heat stress may cause cracks in heat exchangers. This is typically caused by lack of proper maintenance.
  • Faulty Thermostat. Thermostats are important in regulating indoor temperature. Without regular maintenance, they may not function well.


These are just a few possible problems you may encounter if you ignore the need for heater maintenance.

And remember, many of these issues require heating repairs or even replacement that can be costly.

Do You Have a Heater Maintenance Plan?

Very few people have the time to regularly check their heating units.

Thankfully, keeping your unit in tiptop shape is the first thing on our mind and that is why we are proud to offer our HVAC service and maintenance plan.

With our maintenance plan, you receive HVAC service once every six months—once for heating and once for air conditioning. Priced at $139 per year, regular HVAC service is finally affordable.

At All Comfort Specialist Heating & Air, we provide professional and prompt maintenance service in Central Oklahoma and surrounding areas.

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