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The “ber” months are here, and this means the holiday is just around the corner. There goes the trick-or-treating, the Christmas, and the New Year. While the holiday is a fun season to celebrate, many homeowners complain about high electric and heating bills during these times.

Let All Comfort Specialist help you with that. We provide top-notch heating maintenance in Del City, OK and the nearby areas. The service helps maintain your system’s performance while keeping your bills manageable.

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Holiday Energy-Savings You Should Follow

As a homeowner, there is something you can do to keep your electric and heating costs low during the holidays. Here are some of those:

Get Your Heater Checked

You can prevent costly damages and high heating bills while staying comfortable when your heater runs smoothly and efficiently during the holiday. Those are just a few of the perks you can get from heating maintenance in Del City, OK. After getting your system checked and tuned up, be sure to follow the remaining steps below.

Use Outdoor Solar Light

Harness the heat from the sun to light up your place at night through solar energy. The outdoor solar light can be used to power your decorative lights, and this means they don’t need to consume energy to beautify your outdoor space. Be sure to recharge it during the daytime, so it’s ready to be used at night.

Turn off Some Lights

During Halloween, the dark is the creepiest thing as what you see in many scary movies. You can have that ghostly vibe in your home by incorporating a lights-off effect. Turn off several lights on Halloween night, and you’ll surely save on your utility cost.

Light Up Some Candles

While some of your electrical lights are off, you can use candles to brighten the areas of your home that you might need to use. Candles never go out of style during Halloween, so you should have them not only to create a spooky feel but to save energy as well. Be sure to place them somewhere safe and away from your heating system and appliances.

Use Energy-Efficient Decorative Lighting

Attractive, flickering lighting is one of the many aspects homeowners love about the holiday. However, when using decorative lighting, try to opt for LED lights. They are safer and more energy-efficient compared to conventional decorative lights.

Adjust Your Thermostat

You probably think of running your heating system in full blast to keep your guests comfortable. The dirty truth about it is that it only increases your heating costs.

Here’s what you need to know. The body temperature of all occupants in your home, the heat from your oven and running appliances, and the warm breeze from hot showers can accumulate. All this can contribute to heat your home naturally. So there’s no need to turn up the heat on your thermostat. Set the most comfortable temperature and wear some layers to keep warm.


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If you want to keep your bills low this upcoming holiday season, be sure to follow the steps above. You can call us for more energy-saving recommendations or if you need heating maintenance in Del City, OK. Call All Comfort Specialist at 847-908-536 to set an appointment.