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Shopping and installing a new condensing gas furnace doesn’t have to be stressful when you leave the job to the professionals. Heating installation in Del City, OK does take time and attention to detail, so it’s better to have someone to take care of it for you.

Whether you’re planning to get a complete heating installation for your new building or want to add a heating unit for your existing property, All Comfort Specialist has you covered. We install a central heating system, condensing gas furnace, and other types of heating sources. Call us today to get an estimate!

What to Consider When Installing a Condensing Gas Furnace

Here are some helpful pointers and advice you can consider when planning for a heating installation in Del City, OK with condensing gas furnace.

Efficiency Level

How much heat you require and how long you want to stay in your home determine your needs when it comes to efficiency. With higher Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency (AFUE) ratio, you can also get a better efficiency level.

Opt for a higher efficient furnace to make the most out of the system for many years. They may be expensive upfront, but you can recoup the investment through reduced energy consumption in the long run.

Size of the System

When planning for heating installation in Del City, OK, always consider the size, just like other types of HVAC systems. Your contractor should perform a load calculation to identify the right heating requirement and find the best system for your space.

Your home’s square footage and the number of doors, windows, and occupants will get considered. Other factors like climate patterns and the size of the old system will also get taken into account.

Location for Installation

Mostly, condensing gas furnaces are sealed-combustion equipment, which uses outdoor air for effective fuel burning. This means they require a proper location during the installation for effective heat production and processing. They should not take the indoor air to produce heat.

Install the system away from the laundry area or anywhere the chemicals are used. Household chemicals can contribute to the corrosion of the system’s components.

Consider the Condensate Drain

Condensation is a bi-product of the system’s secondary heat exchanger, and it occurs as the unit works. It contains particles that can damage the furnace components if not drained properly.

Make sure the furnace is tilted slightly forward for the proper draining process. Otherwise, the condensate may build up and cause costly damage to the system.

Do You Need a New Heating Installation? Choose the Best Contractor for the Job!

Not all contractors are the same—and the level of work may vary. At All Comfort Specialist, we consider our customers’ needs. We don’t cut corners but make sure everything is done right following the proper installation phase.

Call All Comfort Specialists at 847-908-5363 to learn more about our heating installation in Del City, OK. Our dedicated staff will be there to attend to all your queries and concerns.