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The summer is here! Is your air conditioning system ready? If not, then you need quality A/C maintenance to prepare your system for the harsh weather conditioners and keep your home cool throughout the season.

All Comfort Specialist Heating & Air provides the best A/C maintenance in Del City, OK and the nearby areas. We maintain all makes and models of air conditioning systems and keep your equipment working in the best possible condition.

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How to Get Your Air Conditioning System Ready for the Summer?

Here are a few steps you need to follow to make you and your A/C summer-ready:

Remove Debris

Debris, such as dried leaves, twigs, and other vegetation, can sit near your outdoor unit. They can hinder the proper operation of your system and even restrict airflow. Clear them away and make sure your system has at least three-foot clearance around it.

Inspect the Refrigerant Lines

Your system has two refrigerant lines that run from the outdoor component to the indoor air handler. You will see a small and large pipe there. Inspect them and if you notice damages in the pipes, immediately schedule a repair. Leaving the problem unfixed can result in poor cooling and loss of energy.

Replace Air Filter

Do this simple maintenance task at least once every three months or whenever needed. Replacing the dirty or clogged filter allows your system to have proper airflow and lowers your cooling costs by 5-15%.

Clean the Supply Vent and Vent Grills

Supply vents and vent grills can be clogged with pet hairs or dust over time. Letting your system work in this state can cause airflow issues or an increase in cooling costs. Check and vacuum these parts to remove debris that sits there.

Inspect the Coil Drain

Over time, your system’s coil drain can go out of place, become broken, or be moved in any way. This results in improper draining. Be sure to check it regularly to know if it’s in the proper place or working right.

Check the Airflow

If you notice your home is not receiving enough airflow or not cooling sufficiently, then your system might not be in good working condition. Turn it off and go through the tasks mentioned above. But if your system still doesn’t work properly or you need to get the problem fixed immediately, call your local A/C specialists for expert inspection and services.

By regularly checking and implementing maintenance tasks in your air conditioner, you can avoid the hassle of discomfort and high utility costs in the future. Make sure you regularly check your comfort system for better comfort and savings.

Need Quality A/C Maintenance in Del City, OK?

A/C maintenance is a task you might ignore or forgotten sometimes. Let the experts handle the job, so you can focus on the things that matter most.

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