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Does your heating system turn on and off frequently? That’s one of the most annoying issues any furnace could experience. When this happens, it means your system is in bad shape—and your home’s comfort can be affected. All Comfort Specialist provides exceptional heating repair in Tulsa, OK and the surrounding areas.

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Why Your Heating System Frequently Turns On and Off

A furnace that short cycles or turns on and off frequently is a silent killer. It doesn’t only affect the temperature in your home, but it also put excess strain on the system. While a heating repair in Tulsa, OK is needed to solve this issue, you need to understand first why the problem happens.

Find out the reasons and the solutions for a short cycling heating system. Keep reading below.

Your heating system may overheat when the filter is clogged with dirt. The blockage will impede proper air distribution and the correct operation of your system, resulting in overheating. If it’s not the filter that causes the issue, then call the pros for immediate heating repair in Tulsa, OK.

Oversized Equipment
Furnaces with high heating capacity that work in smaller spaces won’t be a good option. Yes, they might heat the space faster than small units, but they might run erratically and won’t follow the proper cycle. This will result in added strain and high utility costs. To ensure you install the right system in your home, call the experts to measure the heating capacity and find the most appropriate system for your home.

Problematic Thermostat
Sometimes, when the furnace shuts off and turns on frequently, the first thing we blame is the system itself. However, the thermostat can also cause this problem. A faulty or improperly installed thermostat may send a wrong signal to the limit switch, which causes short cycling. You need to schedule a heating repair in Tulsa, OK to address and resolve the problem.

Blocked Exhaust Vent
A blocked exhaust vent can be dangerous. It doesn’t only limit the proper heating process, but it also impedes the deadly carbon monoxide gas from passing through. Make sure you check the vent regularly for a safe and effective operation of your heating system.

Air Leakage
Air leaks occur if your home is not insulated or sealed properly. The heated air can escape through the cracks, gaps, and holes present on walls, doors, windows and other parts around your home.

Your heating system has to run repeatedly to compensate for the air loss and meet your home’s heating demands. This causes the equipment to short cycle. Make sure you beef up your insulation and seal any leaks around your home.

Don’t Delay the Repair! Ask for Expert Assistance!

Your heating system won’t short cycle if it’s in good condition. When this happens, call the right team for heating repair in Tulsa, OK. You can count on us at All Comfort Specialist for the job. We service all makes and models of heating systems, including furnace, boiler, heat pumps, and other heating sources.

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