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Are you using your garage more than just a parking space? Do you utilize it as your little home gym or entertainment room for family bonding?  If YES, maybe you are looking for ways to keep that extra space warmer this winter season.

All Comfort Specialist provides quality heating installation in Tulsa, OK. You can count on us when you need to install a new system or upgrade your existing unit, whether for your garage or whole-house application.

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Ways to Keep Your Garage Warm This Winter

You can keep your garage warm during the frigid months with these tips:

Install a Ductless Mini Split System
Ductless mini-split systems are designed to heat any space, including your garage. No ductwork needed—just an outdoor compressor and indoor air handler. You can install an indoor component in your garage without affecting the operation of other components connected to it. The system is an excellent choice if you need to heat an extra room, like your garage. For quality heating installation in Tulsa, OK, make sure to contact the experts.    

Place a Portable Space Heater
Portable space heaters are ideal if you have limited space and don’t need to heat the area permanently. There are space heaters that you can mount on your wall or ceiling. But when using this option, be sure your garage is properly insulated to achieve effective and efficient heating. You can talk with your local contractor to make heating installation in Tulsa, OK successful.

Add a Radiant Heating
A radiant heating system uses infrared radiation to heat the surface itself instead of heating the air. It can be installed under your garage floor or as a panel around your walls and ceiling. Talk to your HVAC company to know what type of radiant heating system is best for your garage type.

Have a Complete Inspection of Your Garage
If you have tried everything to keep your garage room warm and still nothing happens, then call the experts. Professionals can conduct an assessment to find out the issues that prevent your space from getting warm. Also, they can recommend tips and products and services to heat the extra room of your home.

Beef Up Your Insulation
Know that your heating system and other comfort equipment work hand-in-hand with your insulation system. If one of them is not working properly, you cannot achieve the optimum comfort you need. So, be sure to work on your garage insulation after the heating installation in Tulsa, OK.

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The winter should not stop you from doing the things that you love in your garage or other parts of the house that give you extra space for entertainment. When you need to warm a single part of the entire home using efficient heating products, we have you covered. We are an authorized York dealer.

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