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Problems with your furnace can cause major trouble to your comfort and safety, especially when the winter is at its peak. Worry no more, as All Comfort Specialist is here to provide quality furnace services in Tulsa, OK.

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6 Common Furnace Problems You Can Face This Winter

Here are six (6) common furnace problems you should be aware of:

Furnace Never Shuts Off

Your furnace will constantly run when your thermostat is not set correctly, or the system is dirty. Before you call for a repair, check your thermostat first, and make sure it’s not set at “continuous fan.” Also, check and replace your air filter if it’s clogged with dirt. Lastly, check the blower motor and apply lubrication when needed. Call the experts when noe of these steps work.

Furnace Blows Cold Air

Furnaces in Tulsa, OK are designed to heat homes—not the other way around. But furnaces may also produce cold air when they are not sized properly or can’t generate enough heat to warm a large room. To fix this problem, you need to contact an expert heating specialist to perform a load calculation and professional installation of your heating system.

Furnace Doesn’t Produce Enough Heat

Having the correct airflow volume and supply is necessary to facilitate effective home heating from your furnace in Tulsa, OK. But if you experience reduced airflow, try installing a new air filter and change it regularly. Or, keep your British Thermal Unit (BTU) consistent and low to improve your airflow. If nothing works, then contact your HVAC contractor right away.

Furnace is Running Erratically

A short cycle or erratic operation often occurs for furnaces that are not sized correctly. Too big furnaces will immediately heat the room, while smaller units may find it hard to keep up with the high heating demands.  

A failing internal component can also be a culprit of short cycling. One of which is the malfunctioning flame sensor. When the flame sensor can’t correctly sense the burner flame, it can cause your furnace to turn off prematurely. Your technician should be able to help you with any of these problems.

Furnace Blower is Running Constantly

If your furnace blower doesn’t shut off, then there might be issues with the system’s limit switch. The limit switch is the one signaling the blower to shut off. You should not try to fix this issue on your own, as you might damage the system and make the repair more expensive. Contact the pros for expert furnace service in Tulsa, OK.

Furnace Creates Strange Noises

Is your furnace producing grinding, rambling, squeaking, or rattling noises? These sounds occur if your system has mechanical issues, a clogged burner, or there’s an airflow reduction. They can happen for several unknown reasons, and it only takes a professional inspection to troubleshoot the problems.

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