Fast and Reliable A/C Repair in Tulsa, OK

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Fast and Reliable A/C Repair in Tulsa, OK

Having a broken air conditioner during Oklahoma’s sizzling hot days is a nightmare no one wants to experience. As soon as you notice something’s amiss with your cooling system, call for A/C repair in Tulsa, OK immediately.

Don’t let yourself and your family suffer from the sweltering heat. Let our expert technicians at All Comfort Specialist troubleshoot your cooling issues. We guarantee fast and reliable air conditioning repair service to give you the relief you need.

5 Warning Signs of a Damaged A/C Unit

Most homeowners fail to realize there’s something wrong with their air conditioning system unless it completely stops working. It’s difficult to spot flaws and internal issues in an HVAC unit, especially for an untrained eye. But in most cases, your air conditioner will give you warning signs before it breaks down.

Here are five things that will let you know it’s time for an A/C repair in Tulsa, OK.

Extremely high energy bill

The most obvious sign there’s something wrong with your A/C unit is a dramatic spike in your energy bill. If you notice you’re paying more than the previous summer season, your air conditioner might be struggling to keep your place cool. Your air conditioning system is using more energy to maintain the temperature in the room.

A/C constantly turns on and off

The latest models of air conditioning units are designed with energy efficiency in mind. That means they only run when they are needed and automatically turn off once the room reaches the correct temperature. If your A/C constantly cycles or turns on and off, there might be a build-up of grime inside the compressor. It could also mean there’s faulty wiring or a refrigerant leak.

Poor temperature control

When your A/C unit is blowing warm air, that’s an obvious sign your cooling system needs some TLC. This issue may indicate a broken compressor or damaged thermostat. It could also mean you’re dealing with duct leakage, low refrigerant charge, or leaking refrigerant.

Unusual sounds

Technological advancements over the past years brought better air conditioners that run on low-level noise. But sudden unusual sounds, especially banging, grinding, and screeching noises, can signal serious issues with your A/C unit. It’s crucial to have your air conditioner checked and repaired by certified technicians immediately.   

Increase in allergies and respiratory issues

If you find yourself suddenly suffering from allergies and respiratory issues, your air conditioner may not be filtering or purifying the air efficiently. It might need a complete tune-up and cleaning session to clear out any contaminants blocking the filter.

Experiencing A/C Issues? Reach Out to Our Certified Technicians for Quality A/C Repair

When your air conditioning system suddenly stops working at optimum performance, it’s best to schedule for A/C repair in Tulsa, OK as soon as possible. We understand how uncomfortable it is without an efficient air conditioner during the hottest days of the year. That’s why our certified technicians at All Comfort Specialist are available 24/7.

With over 17 years of experience in the business, we’ve handled all kinds of minor and major cooling issues. Our team can quickly diagnose your A/C unit and provide the required solution correctly the first time. Call us at (405) 689-9795 to schedule your repair service and make your home comfortable once more!