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There is no need to suffer and sweat when the hottest and most humid days of the year roll in Oklahoma. With an efficient air conditioning system, you can spend the summer season in a cool and comfy home.   

For professional A/C installation in Tulsa, OK, trust a 5-star rated HVAC company like us, All Comfort Specialist. Our team of certified and experienced technicians will guarantee the best results for all your A/C installation needs for residential and commercial buildings. 

5 Reasons You Should Consider Installing a New Air Conditioner

Unless their A/C unit completely breaks down, most homeowners won’t think about installing a new one. However, replacing your cooling system before it becomes irreparably damaged is a smart move that comes with plenty of benefits.

Here are some great reasons you should consider calling All Comfort Specialist for a new A/C installation in Tulsa, OK.

Take Advantage of the Latest Technologies

Your current cooling system may have boasted the most advanced features and technology in the market when you originally bought it. But over the recent years, we’ve seen breakthrough technologies, innovations, and new features and parts. You might be surprised how quieter and more efficient today’s air conditioner models are. They can even run at different speeds and modes.

A New A/C is More Efficient

Old air conditioning models are less efficient than the latest because they rely on R-22 refrigerants and outdated technology. But as any A/C unit ages, its parts will also start to wear down, affecting its function. By installing a new air conditioner, you can ensure all its parts are in optimal condition, the air cools faster, and less energy is required to operate.  

An Older Unit Requires Frequent Repairs

A new air conditioning unit will have full functionality and minimal repairs during its first 10 to 15 years. If your current cooling system is already on the tail end of that range, you might find it operating unpredictably. Its parts will start to wear down, and then the unit will need frequent repairs before it breaks down for good.

It Improves Indoor Air Quality

The latest models of air conditioners filter out contaminants better than units made in the past decades. These units use advanced technologies and air filters that eliminate dust, mold, pollen, and other pollutants. But aside from keeping your indoor air clean, they also control the humidity in the room. You and your family can feel more comfortable and breathe easier.

It Adds Value to Your home

If you’re planning on renting or selling your property, installing a new A/C unit will help boost its value. You’ll have more prospective clients when they see your house has up-to-date furnishings and appliances. A new cooling system also makes your home more attractive since it reduces your utility costs and lowers the need for repair jobs.  

Don’t Settle for Less! Leave Your A/C Installation in Tulsa, OK to the Experts

When you need an A/C installation in Tulsa, OK, always choose a reliable and professional HVAC company to do the job. With All Comfort Specialist Heating & Air, you can guarantee uninterrupted comfort at home, even on the hottest days of the year. We’re a team that does the A/C installation job right the first time.

With comfort as our specialty, we ensure all works are 100% satisfactory to make your home pleasantly cool. Give us a call at (405) 276 9615 today to book an appointment with our professional technicians. We’re available to give you 5-star installation service at any time and day of the week!